The Multiple Use of Affordable Dental Crowns to Restore your Smile

Affordable Dental Crowns in Georgetown TX Area

Dental crowns have multiple uses. They can improve your smile and restore proper form and function. This makes it easier for you to speak and eat with much less difficulty. With affordable dental crowns, Dr. Edmonds and the staff of 4405 Dental Studio can offer Georgetown, Texas residents a chance to restore their smile. The Multiple uses of Dental Crowns Root Canals Root canals are often the best way to restore a damaged tooth. By using a dental crown to cover the repaired tooth, it is less likely that it will be damaged any further. The permanent crown will stay in place for … Continue reading

Natural-Looking Porcelain Crowns for a Complete and Restored Stunning Smile

Dental Caps and Crowns Near me Georgetown TX Area

If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, pain and tooth sensitivity become the order of the order. If you decide to do nothing about it, the tooth underneath may suffer further damage and possible infection. The good thing is that Dr. Andrew Edmonds, at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, Texas, can restore your damaged teeth with dental crowns. Our long-lasting and natural-looking dental crowns reinstate your dental function and esthetics, enabling you to eat, speak, and chew as if nothing had happened. Why You May Need a Dental Crown A porcelain dental crown is a tooth-colored dental cap made from natural materials to … Continue reading

Where can I get dental crown treatment for teeth in Georgetown, TX?

Where Can I Get Dental Crown Treatment for Teeth in Georgetown, TX Area?

Dental crowns are a common restoration used in dentistry to protect, strengthen, and improve the natural teeth and smile. There are many situations in which a patient might need a dental crown, so working with a dentist that provides this and other restorative procedures is vital to a healthy smile. Dr. Andrew Edmonds of Georgetown, TX, is a dentist who can provide crowns as a treatment for broken and damaged natural teeth.  What is a dental crown? Dr. Andrew Edmonds describes the dental crown as a cap for a natural tooth. If a natural tooth has been damaged, it may … Continue reading

Using porcelain caps, or crowns, for weakened teeth with Georgetown, TX dentist

Porcelain Teeth Crowns at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown Area

Dr. Andrew Edmonds knows how important a patient’s oral health is. However, when trauma, decay, or other problems arise and impact the strength of a tooth, a patient might need a restorative solution to protect the tooth and maintain their natural smile. In many instances, this restoration is a dental crown, sometimes known as a “porcelain cap.” Dental crowns for teeth are made to add an extra layer of protection and strength to a tooth that has experienced a problem and is weaker or more susceptible to breakage. Georgetown, TX area patients who visit 4405 Dental Studio will learn about … Continue reading