When is a dental extraction service in Georgetown, TX, necessary?

When is a Dental Extraction Service in Georgetown, TX Area?

A healthy set of teeth can last someone an entire lifetime. While someone may take great care of their teeth and see a dentist regularly, dental challenges do happen from time to time which could cause the need for a dental extraction. Significant Pain in Tooth or Jaw One of the most common signs that you will need to have a tooth extracted is experiencing significant pain. If you notice that sharp pain is emanating from your tooth, it could be a sign that there is a root infection causing the piercing pain. This infection may be corrected with a … Continue reading

Aftercare for a Tooth Extraction in Georgetown, TX

Aftercare for a Tooth Extraction in Georgetown, TX Area

When a tooth cannot be repaired with a filling or a crown, the last resort would be to opt for a tooth extraction, which can be an uncomfortable situation for a patient. If you are planning on having a tooth extraction performed in Georgetown, TX, there are a few aftercare steps that may help you get through the process a little easier. Apply Ice as Necessary  Applying ice to the affected area will reduce inflammation and help to keep the area numb for a while. You can take over-the-counter pain medication as well to fight off the discomfort associated with … Continue reading