I Have Crooked Teeth. Can I Still Get Porcelain Veneers?

Can You Get Veneers with Crooked Teeth in Georgetown TX Area

If you aren’t happy with your smile, 4405 Dental Studio uses porcelain veneers to rejuvenate your smile. The versatile nature of veneers enables Dr. Andrew Edmonds to correct numerous cosmetic flaws, including stained, gapped, chipped, and misshapen teeth. While dental veneers do a lot of “heavy lifting” in cosmetic dentistry, can they correct crooked teeth? Keep scrolling to find out. The Dental Veneer Treatment First, let’s get the basics out of the way. What is involved in dental veneer treatment? Typically, you need at least two dental appointments. The first appointment is where much of the magic happens. Under anesthesia, … Continue reading

Solve Several Cosmetic Dental Issues with Porcelain Veneers

Veneers for Crooked Tooth in Georgetown TX Area

Texans want a beautiful smile just like anybody else. However, many of us fall short of having the smile we desire. Do you find yourself hiding your smile so others will not see your teeth? If you have ever caught yourself doing this, then porcelain veneers may help your situation. Veneers can cover up several cosmetic dental issues, including crooked teeth. Individuals seeking porcelain veneers in Georgetown, Texas, see Dr. Andrew Edmonds and the friendly team at 4405 Dental Studio. Few people are born with a smile they would consider perfect. If you see somebody with a seemingly flawless smile, … Continue reading

Can You Put Veneers on Crooked Front Teeth in Georgetown, TX?

Can You Put Veneers on Crooked Front Teeth in Georgetown, TX Area?

We all want our teeth to look their best, we want straight teeth that are even and white, and we want teeth that are as perfect as possible. That being said, some people do not have great teeth, and a procedure like veneers is an excellent way to get that ideal smile without a ton of work. Veneers are a perfect option for those that want a flawless smile, but can you get them with crooked teeth? Veneers on crooked teeth are an option that does work, and veneers on crooked front teeth in Georgetown, TX with 4405 Dental Studio … Continue reading

Using a veneer for covering crooked front teeth in Georgetown, TX practice

Veneer for Crooked Front Teeth at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown Area

If you have imperfections in the smile, such as crooked front teeth or broken teeth, Georgetown, TX area dentist, Dr. Andrew Edmonds, can help. He may recommend cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers for correcting and disguising common dental issues near the front of the smile. What is a porcelain veneer? A porcelain veneer, sometimes called a dental veneer, is a very thin ceramic facing that the dentist can bond over the front of a tooth to change its appearance. It is used in disguising common problems including: Chipped or cracked teethCrooked/turned teethSpaces between the front teethPermanently stained teethShort or … Continue reading

Speak to a quality dental provider in Georgetown about porcelain veneers

Quality Dental Porcelain Veneers in Georgetown Area

Georgetown, TX patients with imperfections in their smile may be unaware of the many ways in which Dr. Andrew Edmonds can help. Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity as patients realize how affordable and attainable it is to get the smile you have dreamed of…