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Will it be obvious to others that I’m wearing clear aligners?

If you’ve been dreaming of a straighter smile but don’t want to go through years of traditional metal braces, Invisalign® may be well worth consideration. This innovative clear teeth straightening procedure offers outstanding results without a mouth full of metal. Dr. Andrew Edmonds of 4405 Dental Studio is proud to provide the following information in the hopes of answering common questions you have about transparent alignment systems.

Will other people be able to tell I’m wearing clear aligners?

The patented Invisalign system uses a series of clear plastic aligner trays to move your teeth into optimal positioning gently. The trays are crystal clear and fit snugly over the surface of your natural teeth.

That makes them very difficult to see, and most people won’t even be aware you are wearing your aligners. When you receive your first set of trays, it may take a few days for you to adjust to wearing them, and you might find that you are speaking a bit differently as you get used to the way the trays feel.

Those adjustments are short-lived, however, and before you know it, you’ll be so used to wearing your aligners that they will become part of your regular daily routines.

Will I have to remove and replace my trays around other people?

The Invisalign system is designed to be worn around the clock. You’ll remove your trays only while eating and drinking and perform your oral hygiene routines.

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You need to take out your trays before meals, but you can certainly do so in a private setting. It only takes a second to pop out the trays and place them in their case. If you choose to take out your trays in a restroom, you’ll be able to rinse them out so they’ll be fresh and ready to wear once you’re done with your meal.

If you’re thinking of giving Invisalign a try, contact Dr. Andrew Edmonds at 4405 Dental Studio, call (512) 855-7308 to book a consultation. You’ll learn all about your clear teeth straightening options available for residents in Georgetown, Texas. Getting all the details is the best way to make an informed decision about your care.

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