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Dental crowns

Dr. Andrew Edmonds of Georgetown,
TX restores and preserves smiles withbeautiful,
natural-looking dental crowns.

If you have a tooth that is damaged or decayed, you may need a crown. A crown is a cover or “cap” that a dentist places over teeth to strengthen and preserve them. Dr. Andrew Edmonds and his team at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, TX offer exceptional dental care and have extensive experience placing customized porcelain crowns.

Why do you need a crown?

Dental crowns are necessary when a tooth needs improved strength, function, appearance and shape. Teeth that are broken, partially destroyed or worn are candidates for a crown. There are several reasons you may need a dental crown, including:

  • Your tooth has a cavity that is too large to be filled
  • Your tooth is cracked, worn down, or weakened
  • You’ve had root canal treatment and need to cap that tooth for protection
  • You wish to improve your smile and want to cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth

Function of a dental crown

Porcelain crowns are “caps” which are cemented onto your teeth. The crown fully covers the above gum portion of your tooth, effectively becoming the new outer surface. This will ensure that the underlying tooth is protected.

Advantages of a porcelain crown

  • Aesthetically pleasing and custom made to match your surrounding teeth
  • The ceramic in a porcelain crown is as durable as your natural tooth enamel
  • The porcelain used in our crowns is made of a biocompatible material, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions and gum irritation
  •  Along with the visual appeal, porcelain dental crowns feel more natural than other available options

Porcelain crowns hold numerous advantages over alternatives in feel, form, and function and are one of the very best choices available to you for repairing dental issues. Our patients do not have to worry about how their smile will look, or feel embarrassed by their smile because we do not use metal in our crowns.

If you are facing dental issues that may require a dental crown or “cap”, then it’s time to consult with Dr. Andrew Edmonds and his team at 4405 Dental Studio. They will be happy to investigate available options with you and find the best solution available for your dental needs. Call 512 855 7308 today to schedule an appointment.