Dental Implants

Missing teeth? Difficult to eat? No worries.
Restore your smile and your teeth functionality
with dental implants in Georgetown, TX.

Dental Implants Georgetown TX

Missing tooth replacement options are abundant at 4405 Dental Studio. Dr. Edmonds and his Georgetown, TX team welcome patients in the community who are interested in repairing their smiles following the extraction, loss, or damage of a natural tooth. Dental implants are a reliable option for replacing one or more teeth in a smile or to help keep a denture in place.

Is it difficult to chew? Does it hurt when you chew? Do you miss eating the food you enjoy? There is no reason to suffer from tooth loss. Dr Andrew Edmonds can restore your smile, your ability to eat the foods you enjoy and your confidence. At 4405 Dental Studio, it doesn’t matter if you are missing one tooth, many teeth or all your teeth, we have a solution for you.
There are many contributing factors to losing teeth, such as cavities, cracked teeth or gum disease. When you lose your teeth, the surrounding bone deteriorates and starts to resorb slowly. This is an issue for the front teeth because the defect can be visible when smiling. When the back teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can shift causing biting and chewing issues. When you are missing all your teeth, the entire jawbone begins to shrink making it even harder to chew and eat your favorite foods. It can also be very painful when the bone shrinks enough.

Dental Implants

When using dental implants to replace missing teeth, it helps maintain the jawbone by acting like a tooth root and stimulating the bone to prevent resorption. There are many benefits to using dental implants to replace missing teeth. A few of the benefits include:
  • Easy to maintain
  • No need to shave down healthy teeth for bridges
  • Normally last much longer than a dental bridge
  • Eliminate pain associated with poor fitting partial and full dentures.
  • Maintains similar chewing ability to natural teeth

What options are available?

There are many options and solutions that utilize dental implants. Dental implants can be used to:
  • Replace a single missing tooth
  • Replace multiple missing teeth with an implant bridge
  • Help retain a denture
  • Replace a denture by providing a denture that screws into the implants and can only be removed by your dentist. This procedure is commonly referred to as the All-on-four procedure.
4405 Dental Studio offers dental implants Are you considering missing tooth replacement options? Do you live in the area of Georgetown, TX? Are you ready to discuss dental implants with Dr. Edmonds? Now is the time to connect with our team by calling (512) 855-7308 to make an appointment for a FREE consultation. Our practice is equipped with the latest tools and technology, and our team offers years of combined experience. Our practice is located at 4405 Williams Drive, Suite 300.
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Learn about the meticulous procedure that leads to successful dental implants.

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Dr. Andrew Edmonds

A proud graduate of the Western University of Health Sciences School of Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Edmonds is a dentist who is a step ahead of the competition. His work ethic, skill, and passion have reflected his proficiency at his work, in addition to how much he strives to work his hardest for his beloved patients.

With a specialist interest in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Edmonds is an expert in full mouth rehabilitation, bone grafting, implant dentistry, and sedation dentistry. In addition to undertaking several programs of further education to keep himself updated on the latest and most effective methods of dentistry, he is working towards achieving his fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and in the Academy of General Dentistry in addition to securing a Master of Oral Implantology from California Implant Institute.

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