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Oral Appliances

If you suffer from bruxism, sleep apnea,
or TMJ, Dr. Andrew Edmond of Georgetown,
TX offers custom-made appliances designed
to effectively improve symptoms.

Dr. Edmond and his team at 4405 Dental Studio in Georgetown, TX are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for many different conditions. This includes various types of oral appliances, which may be used to treat bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth), obstructive sleep apnea, and snoring.

Sleep apnea treatment

Millions of American men and women snore regularly. While it is a serious disruption for sleep partners, most people don’t think of it as a health concern. However, in many cases, it is not simple snoring, but a symptom of sleep apnea. Individuals afflicted by apnea experience pauses in breathing many times throughout the night. This condition has been linked to stroke, heart disease, and many other medical problems.

A sleep appliance can support the airway, helping prevent snoring as well as apnea. It is small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Each sleep apnea mouthguard is custom made for an ideal fit. Even some people who don’t have apnea choose to wear an oral appliance for snoring.

Bruxism treatment

Clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep is a common habit, which is also quite destructive to oral health. It can cause fractures in teeth and make them wear down quickly. The strain on muscles can lead to jaw pain or TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder). Additionally, bruxism is a risk factor for sleep apnea. Like apnea, it can be treated with a custom-made oral device.

The bruxism dental appliance can stop potentially irreversible damage to your teeth and jaw. Most patients report that the devices are comfortable to wear and do not interfere with sleep. In fact, this type of oral appliance therapy can eliminate toothaches, headaches, and other troublesome symptoms of teeth grinding.

Find the right dental appliance for you

Whether you need a sleep apnea device, bruxism appliance, or sports mouthguard you will find the ideal solution right here at 4405 Dental Studio. Our devices are custom made for each patient, to address his or her unique needs as well as providing a comfortable fit. Please feel free to call our office for an appointment, or if you have any questions.

Dr. Andrew Edmonds

A proud graduate of the Western University of Health Sciences School of Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Edmonds is a dentist who is a step ahead of the competition. His work ethic, skill, and passion have reflected his proficiency at his work, in addition to how much he strives to work his hardest for his beloved patients.

With a specialist interest in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Edmonds is an expert in full mouth rehabilitation, bone grafting, implant dentistry, and sedation dentistry. In addition to undertaking several programs of further education to keep himself updated on the latest and most effective methods of dentistry, he is working towards achieving his fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and in the Academy of General Dentistry in addition to securing a Master of Oral Implantology from California Implant Institute.

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